Alesha V.

asked • 04/06/21

Glomerulonephritis Question: Clinical Case Scenario Cause

A 6-year old boy is diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis that developed after a streptococcal throat infection. At this time, the following manifestations are noted: decrease in urine output, increasing lethargy, hyperventilation, and generalized edema. Trace amounts of protein are detected in his urine. Blood analysis reveals the following: pH = 7.35; HCO3 = 18 mEq/L; hematocrit = 29%; Na = 132 mEq/L; K = 5.6 mEq/L; blood urea nitrogen (BUN) = 62 mEq/dL; creatinine = 4.1 mg/dL; and albumin = 2 g/dL. 

What is the probable cause of this boy’s glomerular disease? 

This boy likely developed glomerulonephritis after having a streptococcal throat infection. This often happens when the body produces extra antibodies that settle into the glomeruli. This causes inflammation. Is this correct?

Which laboratory values are abnormal? What is the significance of each abnormal value? 

Is he progressing to uremia? How can you tell?  

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Jennifer F. answered • 04/06/21

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