Jeff N.

asked • 03/26/21

Hello, I need assistance with my algebra homework very soon please

Question 1.) A carpet cleaning business has 100 customers when they charge $125 for a cleaning. Research shows that every $5 reduction in price attracts another 20 customers. Which equation could be used to represent this situation, where x is the price per cleaning and R(x) is the total revenue?

A.) R(x) = −4x2 + 600x

B.) R(x) = −2x2 + 400x

C.) R(x) = 2x2 − 400x

D.) R(x) = 4x2 − 600x

Question 2.) The cost of renting a fishing boat is $25 per hour for the first 7 hours, $10 per hour for the next 10 hours, and $5 per hour for any additional hours. Identify the cost of renting the boat for 30 hours.

A.) $150

B.) $425

C.) $325

D.) $340

Please please just explain and solve please

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Anthony T. answered • 03/26/21

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