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Frithjof D.

asked • 09/20/20

Essay introduction

i need some help with my essay task in the introduction can i write a facts information about

alzheimer’s ? I can Also put my text here! Hope someone can help me...

Task 2: Ethical dilemma 

You are visiting a patient at his home. As you open the door, an instant smell hits you. You debate whether or not to enter the house, but decides to do so despite the smell. In the house you see a lot of open milk cartoons, rotting cat food, and dirty floors. The smell forces you to only breathe through your mouth. Then you see the patient. This is a man who probably have not washed himself in years. Your job is to clean this patient, but this patient does not accept your help. What do you do?


Write an essay where you discuss what kind of choice you would make in this situation. Use at least three arguments in order to explain your decision.

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Meghan C. answered • 09/21/20

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Frithjof D.

hey i wrote something like this i hope you can help me a little along the way because i do not understand a thing of this essay stuff On a home visit we meet a man who has not showered for several years and it smell rotten cat food In the apartment and you see a lot of open milk cartons and dirty floors and he refuse accept your help. My first thoughts are this man cannot live alone he need help. The first thing I would do is try to get contact with the man. and ask him he need some help and maybe try to get him washed or something because people should not live like this. The next thing I will try to find out more who is this man are and have he some family nearby or have a family at all. and how could this go so far, I will call my boss and tell he about the situation in this apartment and ask him about he know he has a family or what we do with this patient, I will also open some windows and let the fresh air come in the apartment, because living in rotten food and dirty floors is not good for everyone.


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