Fizaa A.

asked • 09/18/20

Please help with predicate!!!!

If the domain is LaTeX: \mathbb{Z} - the set of all integers (i.e., LaTeX: \left\{0,\:\pm1,\:\pm2,\:\pm3,\:...\right\} ), then the predicate 

LaTeX: P\left(x\right):\left(x-3\right)^2\le1   

is TRUE for all of the following values of LaTeX: x:

a.) No values ofLaTeX: x in this domain make the predicate true

b.) LaTeX: x\:\in\left[2,4\right]- this is the closed interval containing all real numbers between LaTeX: 2 and LaTeX: 4 inclusive

c.) x ∈ {2,3,4}


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Adam D. answered • 09/18/20

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