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Yolanda J.

asked • 05/19/20

What is the concentration of bromide ion if 25.0 ml of a 0.50 M AlBr3 solution combines with 40.0 ml of a 0.35 M NaBr solution?

I converted AlBr3 and NaBr to moles however, I'm not so sure what to do after that. I know the final answer for the concentration of bromide ion is 0.79 mol/L. Can someone please help ?

AlBr3 = 0.0125 mol

NaBr = 0.014 mol

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Stephanie B. answered • 05/19/20

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High School/College Algebra and Trig, Statistics, and Chemistry

Stephanie B.

Then, how many total moles of Br- in how many total L of solution?


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