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Angela A.

asked • 09/18/12

How much copper wire can be made from copper ore?

Copper can be drawn into thin wires. How many meters of 34-gauge wire (diameter = 6.304 x 10^-3 in) can be produced from copper in 5.01 lbs of covellite, an ore of copper that is 66% Cu by mass? Copper has a density of 8.95 g/mL.

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Robert C. answered • 09/18/12

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Robert S.


Robert - I agree with Angela.  While I didn't check any of the calculations, your step by step explanation was clear, crisp, and even humorous at one point.  Nice job.



Nicole C.

Robert:  I liked your response, was about to type in the exact same procedure.

Angela:  I hope this helped you, I think it is good advice on how to proceed through this many stepped problem



Jacob G.

8340 Meters? So 8 km which is about 4.97 miles. Out of approximately 3 lbs of copper, you are saying you could make 5 miles of 34 gauge wire?


Isaak B.

As amazing as that sounds, it is true. The key to understanding this is to understand that 34 gauge wire is quite small, its diameter is only about 120% that of a human hair, after all.


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