Angela A.

asked • 09/18/12

How much copper wire can be made from copper ore?

Copper can be drawn into thin wires. How many meters of 34-gauge wire (diameter = 6.304 x 10^-3 in) can be produced from copper in 5.01 lbs of covellite, an ore of copper that is 66% Cu by mass? Copper has a density of 8.95 g/mL.

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Robert C. answered • 09/18/12

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Robert S.


Robert - I agree with Angela.  While I didn't check any of the calculations, your step by step explanation was clear, crisp, and even humorous at one point.  Nice job.



Nicole C.

Robert:  I liked your response, was about to type in the exact same procedure.

Angela:  I hope this helped you, I think it is good advice on how to proceed through this many stepped problem



Jacob G.

8340 Meters? So 8 km which is about 4.97 miles. Out of approximately 3 lbs of copper, you are saying you could make 5 miles of 34 gauge wire?


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