John J.

asked • 10/10/12

How many photons are produced?

How many photons are produced in a laser pulse of 0.528 J at 679 nm?

1 Expert Answer


Robert C. answered • 10/11/12

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Nicole C.

In case you are used to seeing the conversion in more of a grid, here is the very last step.

The problem said you have a pulse of 0.528 J, and Robert did all the calculations and got to the fact that each 1 photon is equivalent to 2.93 x 10-19 J.

0.528 J   x        1 photon        =    1.8 x 1018 photons

                    2.93 x 10-19 J



John J.

Thank you both. 



Robert C.

You are welcome. 



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