Kelvin N.

asked • 05/08/20

Write an equation for a ferris wheel problem

Hi, I've been struggling with this question for weeks despite having adequate knowledge of the topic. If anyone could solve this for me and provide an explanation it would be greatly appreciated.

A ferris wheel has a diameter of 180m and the center of the wheel is 115m above ground. The wheel rotates continuously in a clock-wise direction at 1/26 rpm. Each visitor will get to enjoy 3 continuous rounds of the wheel.

At t = 0 (where t = time in minutes), Brandon gets into carriage A. The position of Brandon above the ground at the time t (in minutes) is given as y(A) (in meters).

You may use any of the following equations:

y(A) = a sin(bt + c) + d,

or y(A) = a cos(bt + c) + d

(a) Choose an equation that best describes the problem

(b) Find the amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift.

(c) Find the equation (a,b,c and d must have values)

(d) Determine the position of Brandon above the ground at t = 6 min

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Kelvin N.

Thank you so much!


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