Ana E.

asked • 12/01/19

help w/ physics

Astronauts in low earth orbit on the ISS are orbiting at an altitude of about 109 km above the surface of the earth. it takes about 93 minutes for an astronaut to orbit the earth once at this altitude.

A) what's the centripetal acceleration of an astronaut in the orbit described above?

B) assuming the astronaut has a mass of 75 kg, what is the magnitude of the force of earth's gravity acting on them?

C) whats the amount of kinetic energy the 75 kg astronaut has? how long would it take for a 500 W motor to provide this same amount of energy?

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Heidi T. answered • 12/01/19

MA in Mathematics, PhD in Physics with 7+ years teaching experience

Arturo O. answered • 12/01/19

Experienced Physics Teacher for Physics Tutoring

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