Asked • 06/17/19

Are “this” and “next” demonstrative determiners?

**Question 1:** In the following, is *this* a **demonstrative determiner**:> I will go to the store this week.**Question 2:** If so, then what class is *next* in the following:> I will go to the store next week.**Question 3:** It seems that both serve the same grammatical syntax and function here; are they therefore classified the same? (If not, why not?)

Peter C.

Yes, both words do the same job: they each modify the noun "week." But "this" is a demonstrative adjective, which points out or makes distinct without attributing a quality, number, size, or other feature, while "next" is an adjective per se. It is in the superlative degree, literally meaning "nearest," and commonly used as a synonym for "the following."


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Michaela N. answered • 06/29/19

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