Asked • 05/22/19

Human perception of time depending on age?

From what I can tell and what thus far all people with whom I discussed this subject confirmed is that time appears to "accelerate" as we age.Digging a little, most explanations I found basically reduced this to two reasons:- As we age physically, a time frame of constant length becomes ever smaller in contrast to the time we spent living- As we age socially, we are burdened with an increasing amount of responsibility and thus an increasing influx of information which impairs our perception of the presentTo be honest, neither sounds entirely convincing to me because:- In my perception "local time" (short time frames that I don't even bother to measure on the scale of my lifetime) is also accelerating. Just as an example: When I wait for the bus, time goes by reasonably fast as opposed to my childhood tortures of having to wait an eternity for those five minutes to pass.- Even after making a great effort to cut myself off from society and consciously trying to focus on the moment, the perceived speed of time didn't really change. (Although I did have a great time :))Which leads me to a simple question (and a few corollaries):- Am I just in denial of two perfectly plausible and sufficient explanations, or are there actual biological effects (e.g. changes in brain chemistry) in place, that cause (or at least significantly influence) this?- Is there a mechanism, that "stretches out" time for the young brain so that weight of an immense boredom forces it to benefit from its learning ability, while it "shrinks" time as the brain "matures" and must now act based on what it has learned, which often involves a lot of patience?- If there is such a mechanism, are there any available means to counter it? (not sure I'd really want to, but I'd like to know whether I could)

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