Asked • 04/25/19

Using employer's resources while job interviewing?

I'm currently employed, and have been with the same company A since grad school (6 years). After applying for a job at company B, I've been invited to an on-site interview in 19 days. It is a software developer position in the field of science. They said it will include a 1 hour presentation, and they want me to send them the title, abstract, and presentation itself as soon as possible. A and B have explored B acquiring A, but that hasn't happened (yet?). A does not know that I'm seeking employment elsewhere, but people at A and B know each other well.I'm not sure what I should do a presentation on. The only presentations I've done since grad school have been product demos or tutorials for A. Here are my options: * Pick an old presentation from graduate school. The material is old, not fresh in my memory, and not necessarily interesting to company B and not to the position I'm applying for. * Pull up one of the product demo presentations I've done. The material is not sensitive, but it's perfect. This material would be interesting to B, partly since A and B are at least partially competitive. * Prepare some other random material for a presentation. This would take a lot of time that I don't have because I'm currently employed full time. * Ask B for their opinion on the matter.I think many of B's hires are coming from academia, where it's obviously entirely appropriate to talk about what you've been working on. But A is not academic. My concern is that I don't know if it's acceptable/ethical to use A's materials to assist me in leaving A's employment. It wouldn't cost them anything (other than me), and I'm not going to reveal any trade secrets (or at least I don't think so). 1. Is it ok for me to use a powerpoint that I made (with other A employees) regarding the software? 2. Is it ok for me to show B a software demo? 3. Is it ok for me to show B the software running on a laptop or server owned by A?Thanks for any advice!

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Christopher C. answered • 05/02/19

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