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Understanding composition within a complaint letter

I need help writing and understanding composition in my complaint letter for an exam that I need to complete. At which part of my complaint letter does a composition need to be added and what does it mean.. I researched it but I don't understand the definitions that it reads. It's literally my last exam for this school and I keep going back and forth with them, I'm seriously about to give up. It's been 2 months play with this school. Smh.. I removed the address at top to hide location. Here it is:


(City, State, Zip)

April 27th 2018

Dear Mount Sinai Survey Team

The overall experience here had been okay. I’d like to address an issue I’ve encountered on the day of surgery. I’m writing to inform you of an altercation with one of your security guards in the lobby of your hospital.

As I entered the hospital on my surgery date at 0630, the security guards (Who are still considered staff) in the lobby were extremely rude and the staff were way too friendly, it creeped me out just a bit because of the overkill smiling but they are not a complaint. He made it as if I had been smeared in flames. Apart from anyone else who just walked right passed, I was stopped. He works between 0600 and 0800, he’s male and African American. Your security staff needs improvements so on my scale from one to ten it would be a one. Your guards don’t even smile and these are the people that are supposed to be the face of the building because they are the first sign of people your clients see when they walk in. There isn’t much to report during this visit, just your staff issue.

Mount Sinai is a wonderful hospital to be serviced by. Thanks to you, most people live better lives when they visit. You’re the number one hospital for those who seek your services and your surgeon’s do a great job at what they do. My surgeries went swell and everything is healing great.

It would be greatly appreciated by many if you could have your employees trained better. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to seeing some changes in the future.



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