Asked • 03/27/19

Usage of would (would have to be - if/ would)?

I was watching this show, and the actors used *would* in 2 scenarios. The first, they were talking about their weirdest experience in the past, and one of the actors said: "the weirdest experience would have to be ....." What is the grammar that is used here with "would have to be"? Why isn't it "would have been"? The second scenario, one of the actors said to the other: "if you get in my way, I would be sad." I have an idea about the conditionals, but this sentence does not seem to fit any of the conditional forms. Why did he use get (in present) with *would*? Shouldn't it be *got* (p.p) instead of *get*? Thank you.

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Maurice S. answered • 03/28/19

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