Felicia P.

asked • 11/06/14

Last year the 6th grade had 350 students. This year the number of students decreased by 36%. How would you set up this proportion?

I have to set up a proportion similar to percent of chane which is the difference of two given numbers over the original number, cross multiplied with "x" over 100. For example. 56-31 equals 25. So 25 would go over 56. Correct? Then you would cross multiply with x over 100. 
25      x 
56 = 100  =   2,500=56x      2,500/ 56 = 44.6% rounded to the nearest tenth. But my teacher says it's not the same 
                   56        56        proportion... I have no idea how to do this and I've been stressing over it for days!!! help???

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Arthur D. answered • 11/06/14

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