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Biology Experiment

Explain how the following experiment provided support for the claim that DNA is the primary source of heritable information.

Two experiments are run side by side:

1. One set of virus particles is labeled with the sulfur-35 isotope. A second set is labeled with phosphorus-32 isotope.

2. Each set of labeled virus particles is incubated with different batches of the same bacteria.

3. Following infection of the bacteria by the virus particles, the bacteria are separated from the virus particles by agitation in a blender.

4. The bacterial cells are separated from the virus particles by centrifugation.

5. The supernatant and pellet (two separated components) from each batch are analyzed to determine the locations of the isotope labels.


1. Radioactive sulfur is found in the supernatant.

2. Radioactive phosphorus is found in the cell pellet.

3. A new generation of viable virus particles emerge from the bacteria cells when they are reconstituted in liquid culture.

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