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Bader A.

asked • 09/28/18

Pre calculus question !!!

The vertices of a triangle ΔABC are A( p,q) , B(r, s) ,C(u, v) . Assume that these coordinates satisfy 2p+3r+4u=0   ,  2q + 3s + 4v=0     , and the origin O(0,0) lies in the interior of ΔABC . If (area of ΔOBC )=r (area of ΔABC ), then r = 
(a) 2\9    (b) 4\9    (c) 2\7    (d) 3\7    (e) 4\7

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Victoria V. answered • 09/28/18

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Bader A.

It's all clear ,, thank you so much !!


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