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y < -2x + 10

and how do i find the ordered pairs?

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With linear equations (in this case, inequality), you must have two equations to find the ordered pair that defines the points where the two equations intersect. For example: if you have y=-2x+10 and y=3x-5, you would be able to determine the value of x by substituting the y in one equation with the other equation: so you would get 3x-5=-2x+10. From that you can determine the value of x, substitute that value in either equation, and form the ordered pair that defines the point where the two equations intersect.

However, if you were asking for the intercepts of y<-2x+10 ((0, y) and (x, 0)), then it would be helpful to remember that intercepts are ordered pairs where the value of the other variable equals 0. So, for the equation y=-2x+10: When x=0, what does y equal? When y=0, what does x equal? Once you answer those questions, you will have one ordered pair on each axis by which you can draw a line with a straightedge.

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