Aaliyah L.

asked • 09/11/14

Algebra 2 question

Which of the following is a correct equation for the line passing through the point (-2,1) and having slope m=1/2 
Check all that apply
A. y=1/2x + 2
B.y=-2x + 1/2 
C. x-2y= -4
D. y-1= 1/2(x+2)

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Bill P. answered • 12/16/14

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Corey Y. answered • 09/11/14

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Corey Y.

For clarifying purposes, this answer was originally cut off where it says "A & D are correct" and was since editted to discuss answers B and C. Which is why I originally downvoted it.
He missed one of the three solutions. As it is now, it is a correct answer to the question posed. I'd remove the down vote if I could / knew how.


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