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y^3 z^6/y^5 z^6

could you help please

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Hi, Shanice.

I'm seeing your problem as:

y^3 z^6
y^5 z^6 

When simplifying fractions of this type, locate parts with like bases and subtract exponents.  The y's go together, and the z's go together.  

Y's:  5 - 3 = 2  So we have y^2 for the y-term.
Since y^5 is bigger, keep the answer below.

Z's: these are the same and cancel out to be an understood 1

So our answer is:

   1                                          .

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(y^3 z^6)/(y^5 z^6)

since there are more y's in the denominator, we move the y's from the numerator to the denominator:

(z^6)/(y^5 y^(-3)z^6)



the z's all cancel leaving: