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Use the problem solving plan.

scientific notation
Use the problem solving plan.

Find the number of boxes of apples that needed to be sold in 1998 to make a profit of $40,000. Round to the nearest whole number.Last year, wholesale prices went as low as $5 a box; it takes $9.50 a box to break even, the growers say. This year [1998], apples are selling at an average of $14 a box.
assign variables. Identify a strategy to solve. solve. explain why solution is reasonable.
report the solution (To make a profit of $40,000, growers must sell about ? boxes of apples. )

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Profit = Selling price- break even
p=14-9.50 = 4.50 per box
now to obtain 40000/4.50 = 8889 boxes of apples in 1998