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How do I solve this Chemical Bonding Problem?

Predict the type of bond (ionic, covalent,or polar covalent) one would expect to form between the following pairs of elements.
A. Rb and Cl 
B. S and S
C. C and F 
D.  Ba and S
E. N and P 
F. B and H

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First, it should be noted that there is a continuum between completely ionic and completely covalent, in as much as most bonds are of both varieties to varying degrees.  However, with that in mind, the answers would be as follows:
A. Rb and Cl - Ionic

B. S and S - Covalent

C. C and F - Polar Covalent

D. Ba and S - Ionic

E. N and P - Polar Covalent

F. B and H - Covalent and maybe slightly polar covalent because there is only a 0.1 difference in electronegativity values