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Genotype and phenotype question help?

If the gene A is one of the genes controlling leaf colour. A recessive mutant allele of that gene,
a, is occasionally present which turns the leaves white due to inability to synthesize chlorophyll. a cross between two homozygous parents (aa and aa), show all possible gametes for each of the parents.
2. What will the genotypes of f1 be?
3. What phenotypes will these f1 plants display?
4. Show all possible f1 gametes.
5. give the possible genotypes and phenotypes of f2.
6. What is the expected phenotype ratio in f2?


Hi, Sonia--I think we can help you more if you start by giving the progress you have made. A Punnett square predicts the outcome of a cross by listing the GAMETE GENOTYPES one parent can make across the top, and gametes of the other parent in the left column. What does your Punnett square look like here

Note that 'F1' refers to the children of the parents shown, and F2 is the name of the generation of 'grandchildren'--the result of crossing two of the F1 (original children)

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