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Charlemagne Humanities Question?

Charlemagne had several purposes for hiring a large group of scholars what are two of them?

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Charlemagne was illiterate. One reason to hire scholars was for his own education, which was somewhat successful.
Also, he was administering a large territory via the Church. He needed to educate the priests and monks in the monasteries so that they could administer the territory, work with the people, collect taxes, and have a way of communication among his subjects. He developed a uniform writing script for copying of texts also.
A third reason was that he was governing many varied peoples, Spanish, Gauls, Jews, Romans, various Germanic tribes, - under the Holy Roman Empire. His scholars were advisors who helped him govern and leave many of the local laws intact so that people would accept his reign and things would be stable.
His Jewish advisors helped him encourage trade throughout the Empire.
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