Gary D.

asked • 07/28/17

Word problem ratio

Jamal can type a 20 page document in 40 minute, Susan can type it in 30 minutes, & Jack can type it in 24 minutes. All working simultaneously how much time will it take them to type the same document collectively?

Carol H.

Hi Gary, Both of my brothers and their families live in St. Charles with their families, last name of Walsh. The formula you need to use is time togethertime together = 1
           time alone         time alone
t/40 + t/30 + t/24 = 1
Multiply both sides of the equation by the LCD, 120.
3t + 4t + 5t = 120
12t = 12t = 10 minutes


Carol H.

(time together)/time alone + (time together)/
time alone = 1


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Carol H. answered • 07/28/17

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