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2/86 with a remainder

how do you divide with a remainder

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A division algorithm is often discussed in introductions to abstract
algebra or number theory. The intent is to explain ordinary division
of integers in a more theoretical light that allows certain
generalizations to things such as polynomials and other subsets
ot the real or complex numbers.

Given positive integers n and m, the division of n by m, n/m,
is to find whole numbers q and r so that

n = m * q + r, or n/m = q + r/m

with 0 <= r < m.

The integer q is called the quotient and r is called the remainder.

In this case little is required, since

2 = 86 * 0 + 2

so that the quotient is 0 and the remainder is 2.



2/86 is also 1/43 when reduced to lowest terms.