Jathon J.

asked • 07/19/17

8 divided by 2(2+2)

i don't really have an description 

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Arturo O. answered • 07/19/17

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Hardy H.

This is a great exercise for understanding PEMDAS, but I would hope in the real world, where the answer is important, the equation would be written as (8/2)(2+2)


Jason C.

Solve for x in the 2 expressions. X÷2(2+2)=1 and X÷2(2+2)=16. Simplify X÷2(4)=1 and X÷2(4)=16. Simplify X÷8=1 and X÷8=16. Multiply by 8 to both sides. X=8 and X=128. That means 1 is right. 128÷2(2+2)=16.


Tedd C.

Excuse me.. in the example above Arturo O. says right off the bat to do the Parentheses first .. ok doing the equation as written and doing the Parentheses first you add the numbers in Parentheses first and you get 8 / 2(4) which everyone in basic math knows implys that the 2(4) means 2x(4) or (2)(4) when a number is next to an expression .. here the (2+2) or rather (4) since as Arturo noted you do the parentheses first is the expression which is to be multiplied by the 2 next to the expression and not the 8/2 since the 8/2 is not in quotations denoting an expression. If you stick to what Arturo is teaching, you can't go wrong.


Tedd C.

Ok - I forgot to note that the way Arturo finally wrote the equation out it wasn't as originally written as he added Parentheses around the 8/2 which were not there initially and changes the whole equation as originally given .. no big deal but if one wrote it out as to what was actually to be done it would be written out in one of two different ways 1) - 8 divided by (2 times the product of 2 plus 2) or 2) the product of (8 divided by 2) and multiplied by the product of 2 plus 2. Two totally different equations. ...


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