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Percentage Increase problem.

To celebrate his 30thBirthday, Luigi paid for a round of drinks with a £50 note. If he had spent £10 more, he would have received a third as much change. How much did he spend in total?

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Spent x on first round, got 50-x change.
If spent (x+10), would have gotten (50-x)/3 change.  His change would be 50-(x+10) = 40-x.
So 40-x = (50-x)/3
Can you solve for x?


Thanks. 120-3x=50-x.       120-2x=50.     -2x=50-120.   -2x=50-120.    -2x=-70.  So x=35.   Answer £35.
  Great. Thanks. I couldn't get the 1/3 more bit
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