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History ugh I hate it please help

(02.04 MC)Why did coins replace other mediums of exchange?

They had common value and were easy to steal.

They were easy to make and difficult to use.

They had high value and low weight.

They had changing value and were hard to duplicate.

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Chelsea: First there was barter system which was very difficult to define relative value. Coins met the needs of both the buyer and the seller for a standard unit of trade. Coin, as opposed to paper, tends to last longer and therefore provides greater value to the producing mint. Coins are harder to replicate due to the striking and the composition of the metal base. Coin has an immediate liquidity. I hope this helps. All the Best. LEW
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With the barter system there had to be a coincidence of wants. Meaning that two people had to have items that each person wanted to have and get rid of. With coins however you are eliminating the coincidence because coins are universally accepted and easy to carry.