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Which statement describes one of the effects of President Truman's decision to use atomic weapons against Japan?

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3 Answers

Some of mine would be:
1. Introduction of an entirely new class of weapon that would forever change the world
2. Instilled psychological fear in all people for the rest of humankind remembering that every weapon that one uses eventually is used against them and unlike all other weapons, this one could terminate the human species
3. Removed the sense that the United States was above committing attacks against civilian populations to achieve its ends
4. Temporarily, very temporarily, established the United States as the dominant power in the world
5. Shortened that aspect of that war
6. Put the Soviet Union on notice not to dominate all of Europe (although the allies handed them Eastern Europe to enslave that was just "liberated") and launching a costly arms race and cold war
7. Limiting future engagments to proxy wars such as Vietnam
Are there options given? I was expecting you to have listed statements to choose from since the question asks "Which statement..."