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What the steps of a fate map of a human embryo?

I'm confused about how the fate map of a human embryo looks like. Does it involve all the 9 months an embryo is in the womb? Or it it just a particular part of the whole development? Where does it start and end?

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Dear Betty,
Fate map is defined as the map of cell types that develop from a multicellular embryo. Vertebrate embryo or rather zygote is a single cell that divides and goes through  stages such as blastula, gastrula, morula and so on. In most vertebrates, fate maps have been defined by gastrula stage or gastrulation.
In humans, there are progenitor cells in certain organs that take the necessary lineage based on the need. An example is in limbs, if we are injured and tear a blood vessel in our extremity  then our  progenitor cells would divide immediately to generate the cells necessary to repair the torn vessel (artery or vein) as well as the skin around it. There are different type of progenitor cells for blood vessels and skin; their fate is partially defined but not completely. It may change based on the need!
I hope this helps, if you have further question then please post and I shall explain.
Thank you,