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Word problem using fractions for 5th grade

A team practices at least 2 times/week for 5 weeks. Each practice is 45 minutes. Coach used table below to record number of practices and amount of time practiced each week:
Week/ # of Practices/ Time
1 / 3  / 1 ½ hours
2 / 2 / 2 ¼ hours
3 / 3 / 1 ½ hours
4 / 4 / 3 hours
5 / ? / ?
How many practices must the team have in Week 5 to have a total of 102 hours of practice for all 5 weeks?


Can you recheck the question, because it doesn't seem right the way it is.  I don't see how they could possible add up to 102 hours for the 5 weeks.
Thank you for your response, Kay.  That is what we thought too.  The table provided also did not seem to make sense based on the statement that each practice is 45 minutes. 

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Taking the problem at face value, the team has had 8.25 hours of practice so far.
102 - 8.25 = 93.75 hours that the team must practice in week 5.  If each practice is 0.75 hours (45 minutes), then:
Number of Practices = 93.75/0.75 = 125, or 25 practices a day assuming  a 5 day week.
Good luck getting the parents to agree to that!  ;-)
I'm guessing that the real number is 10.2 hours vice 102.  In that case:
10.2 - 8.25 = 1.95 hours of practice needed in week 5
Number of Practices = 1.95/0.75 = 2.6
But what is a fractional practice?  Who knows?  Were you able to get clarification from the teacher?


Hi Phillip, no the teacher started to review the question with the students then stopped in the middle and said she would get to it the next day, but she didn't go over it again.  The majority of the class did not answer the question, so I believe that you are correct that the total number of hours is incorrect.  I was thinking perhaps it should have been a total of 12 hours instead of 102 which would require 5 practices in the 5th week.  Thank you for your assistance!