Ana R.

asked • 10/02/12

Help Mixed Fractions

Solve the equation. For your answer, please convert improper fractions to mixed or proper fractions.

-1(mixed number) 7/16

-1 7/16

Please help I cant seem to get this problem! I keep getting -9/16

Kathye P.

Hi, Ana.

If I understand your question correctly, you are trying to convert -1 7/16 to an improper fraction. Were you trying to do it on a calculator?



2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Shama M. answered • 10/02/12

Elementary tutor

Nicole C. answered • 10/02/12

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Nicole C.

Sorry, I don't know why sometimes it lets me input row by row and sometimes it shoves all my work into one solid paragraph. In case it helps here it is row by row:

For your problem specifically you want to do this:
-1 and -(7/16)
(-1)(16) = -16
-16 + -7 = -23
answer: -23/16



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