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how do you simplify this expression: 12x(9xy^12)(-5x^-8y^7)?

I just don't know what to do with the negative exponents.

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Remember the following rules when dealing with exponents.

am*an = am+n.

am/an = am-n.

a-n = 1/an.

Also remember that

a0 = 1.

Also it may help to remember that you can regroup the terms according to bases.

To illustrate I'll use another example, and leave yours for you to try.

2*x(9*x*y3)(3*x-2y4) = (2*9*3)(x*x*x-2)(y3*y4).

I hope that helps some.

Try a bit of this, and if you still need help, I or another tutor here will be happy to assist you.