Sheri W.

asked • 10/01/12

I have problem that I am trying to help my daughter solve. It involves number, letters and negative exponents. Can you give me some pointers

Here is the problem 2b^3 x 3a^4b^3 x 4b^4 divided by 4ba^1

The first and last exponents are both negative and so is the 4ba

Tamara J.

How the problem is actually written is extremely important and it's not very clear in the way you've stated it....

...does it look like the following:

                                          ((2b-3)*(3a4b^3)*(4b-4)) / (4ba-1)


                                        (((2b)-3)*((3a4b)3)*((4b)-4)) / ((4ba)-1)

or some other way...



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Robert C. answered • 10/01/12

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