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Help translating from English to Spanish

My 3rd grader is taking her first spanish course and she was asked for an assignment to write an essay about her summer vacation. Unfortunately, her teacher has not covered all the grammar and vocabulary needed for this essay. I will be going to her school tomorrow to look more into her curriculum. In the meantime can anyone help me translate this from English to Spanish so I can in return break everything down for her and help her understand this better?
This summer I went to Florida with my mom, sister, nephew and dad. We stayed for one week at our vacation home in Kissimmee and went to the beach and a concert. We ate fried ice cream, large gummy bears and shrimp tacos. We visited my aunt, uncle and cousins in St. Augustine. Each person paid $900. My sister and I went shopping at the mall and later went to the movies. We went fishing and rode our bikes on the boardwalk. I want to go back next summer with my friends.

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I will have to leave out the accents and special characters, since they are not available in this format.  Here goes:
Este verano fui a Florida con mi mama, hermana, sobrino y papa.  Nos quedamos una semana en nuestra casa de vacaciones en Kissimmee y fuimos a la playa y a un concierto.  Comimos mantecado frito, "gummy bears" grandes y tacos de camaron.  Visitamos nuestra tia, tio y primos en San Agustin.  Cada persona pago $900.  Mi hermana y yo fuimos de compras en el centro commercial y despues fuimos al cine.  Fuimos pescando y corrimos nuestras bicicletas sobre el camino de plancas.  Deseo regresar el proximo verano con mis amigos.


Thank you so much, sir! Ill get our spanish dictionary and help my daughter break everything down so she understands the translations.
I think Giselle's translation is a little more accurate than mine.  For example, I translated "my aunt" into "our aunt" in Spanish, and tings like that.  She translated it into "my aunt."  And she also got the accents in there!
Thank you for the positive feedback, Arturo! You're very kind. 
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Este verano fui a Florida con mi mamá, hermana, sobrino y papá. Nos quedamos una semana en nuestra casa de verano en Kissimme y fuimos a la playa y a un concierto. Comimos helado frito, ositos de gomita enormes, y tacos de camarón. Visitamos a mi tía, tío y primos en St. Augustine. Cada persona pagó $900. Mi hermana y yo fuimos de compras en el centro comercial y después fuimos al cine. Fuimos de pesca y montamos nuestras bicicletas en el malecón. Quiero volver el próximo verano con mis amigos. 


I am curious, how did you get the accents to type on this screen?
Ma'am, I really appreciate you helping and applyomg the accents. This is so helpful for her.
Thank you!
You're so welcome, Jallisa.
If you need any more help feel free to let me know. 
Arturo, I am typing from my iPhone. 
I definitely will! If we need to get her a tutor, my husband or I will contact you or Arturo.