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Spanish Verbs


How do you say in Spanish: I know the boys

How do you say in Spanish : I know the boys
Spanish Verbs


Spanish reflexive pronoun and direct object pronoun

in Spanish, can you explain how you know which is the reflexive pronoun and which is the direct object pronoun when used in the same sentence?


Help translating from English to Spanish

Hello,   My 3rd grader is taking her first spanish course and she was asked for an assignment to write an essay about her summer vacation. Unfortunately, her teacher has not covered all the... more
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Fill in the blanks that come after the numbers in parenthesis with the correct spanish ir verb. Thanks

Complete the paragraph with the correct forms of the verb ir. Alina, Cristina y yo somos buenas amigas. Nosotras (1) _ _ _ _ a la escuela a las siete de la mañana todos los días. Ellas y yo (2) _ _... more
Spanish Verbs


Is the following highlighted past tense verbs in Spanish are correct in the following paragraph?

Cuando Raquel llego a la Argentina, fue primero a la estancia Santa Susana. Allí concio a Cirilo, un gaucho. Cirilo le dio la dirección de Rosario en Buenos Aires. Raquel busco la casa y allí... more
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Spanish help!!

Answer each question as indicated. 1. ¿Qué comes en la cafetería de tu escuela? (pollo y ensalada) 2. ¿Qué beben tú y tus amigos cuando están en un café? (refrescos) 3. ¿Qué leen ustedes cuando... more

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