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-37/24= 1/2n+1/3

How so I solve for "n" in the equation. I keep getting different answers and when I check the answer inserted in the equation it doesn't match up

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Hi Ellie;
-37/24= (1/2)n+1/3
Fractions are so annoying and confusing.  Let's get rid of these...
The denominators are 24, 2 and 3.
Let's multiply both sides by 24...
Let's subtract 8 from both sides...
Let's divide both sides by 12...
Let's check our results...
-37/24= (1/2)n+1/3
-37/24= [(1/2)(-15/4)]+1/3
Let's note the fact that (1/3)(8/8)=8/24.
Let's note the fact that (-15/8)(3/3)=-45/24
The denominators are identical.  These cancel...
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I'm assuming you mean -37/24=(1/2)n+(1/3)
subtract 1/3 from both sides
multiply both sides by 2
-45/12=n, or
-3  9/12=n
-3  3/4=n