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33/3^-1 .

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3 Answers

Having a negative exponent means that your nominator and denominator flip, and the exponent stays with the number it was with. (ie 2-3 = 1/23)
Since the exponent is only a power of 1, this becomes a fairly easy problem
33 = x/3
Hi Brenna;
A sloth moves along a tree at 3^-1 m each minute. How long will it take a sloth to climb a tree that is 33 m tall?
distance=33 meters
(33 meters)/[(1/3)meters/minute]=time
1/3 in the denominator is the equivalent of 3/1, or 3, in the numerator.
The units of meters/minute in the denominator, is the equivalent of minutes/meter in the numerator.
(33 meters)[(3)(minutes/meter)]=time
The unit of meters is in the numerator and denominator.  It cancels...
(33 meters)[(3)(minutes/meter)]=time
99 minutes=time