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A car needs 3 gallons of gas every 70 miles. how much gas would it need for 105 miles?

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3 Answers

Hey Alice -- half of 70 miles is 35 ... adding half to 70 gets 105mi ...
half of 3 gal is 1.5 gal ... adding half to 3 means 4.5 gal ... Best wishes, ma'am :)
Hi Alice;
(3 gallons)/(70 miles)=(x gallons)/(105 miles)
Please note, both sides are in the units of gallons/miles.  These cancel.
(3 gallons)/(70 miles)=(x gallons)/(105 miles)
We are now ready to perform calculations.
Let's multiply both sides by 105...
The car needs 4.5 gallons.