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how many of each kind of fish did Sophie purchase?

Sophie bought a total of 27 guppies and angle fish. She bought twice as many guppies as many guppies as angle fish
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2 Answers

Hi again Travina;
x=angle fish
Let's divide both sides by 3...
9 angle fish
2(9)=18 guppies
Let  G be the number of guppies bought
Let A be the number of angle fish
G + A = 27         eq. 1
G = 2A               eq. 2
subsitute eq. 2 into eq. 1
2A + A = 27
3A = 27
divide both sides by 3:
A = 9
so she bought 9 angle fish.
since G = 2A, the number of guppies she bought is 2(9) or 18 
therefore she bought 18 guppies and 9 angle fish.