Didi P.

asked • 03/08/16

Inequalities word problems

Ugh! I need help turning these words into an equation. The first two I have no idea but i attempted #'s 3, 4 & %
1.  Geometry: The length of a rectangle is 8 feet and its area is less than 168 square feet. Write and solve an inequality to represent the width of the rectangle.
2. Play ground students at a playground are divided into 5 equal groups with at least 6 students in each group. Write and solve an inequality to represent the number of students at the playground.
3. Eight times a number N is less than 27
    8 * N= -27 ? 
4. A number t divided by 32 is at most 4.25
  t/32 > 4.25
5. 225 is no less than 12 times a number W
225 < 12*W?

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Jane C. answered • 03/08/16

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