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Although flight speed is dependent upon the weather and the wind, in general, a Canada goose can fly about 10mph faster than a great blue heron. In the same time that a Canada goose travels 120 miles, a great blue heron travels 80 miles. Find their flying speeds. (Hint: remember that distance = rate x time)

Note: please show every single step taken, I'm a visual learner so steps can't be left out.

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Canada goose travels 120 miles
Blue heron travels 80 miles
What is the difference between the distance traveled?  
120 - 80 = 40 miles
Divide this distance by 10 mph or 40/10mph
Difference of speed being 10 mph means the birds flew 4 hours
Divide each number of miles by 4 to get the mph
120/4 = speed of the Canada goose
80/4 = speed of the blue heron