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I Need Help Solving This 5*1/-7*-4/8=?
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4 Answers

Since these are all multiplication/division, we just move from left to right.
I would rewrite it like this:  5 * 1 * -4
                                              -7 * 8
Then, you can do the multiplication on the top and the multiplication on the bottom, and finally the division. Remember that a negative divided by a negative is a positive.
20/56 or 5/14
My approach is more methodical.  I would have rewritten it first as: (5)*(1/-7)*(-4/8). 
Some find it easier to view the division terms as fractions.  
Then you could multiply and reduce to get: (5/-7)*(-1/2) = (-5/-14) = 5/14.
This question requires Order of Operations. Many people have learned this by using PEMDAS, Parenthesis-Exponents-Multiplication/Division-Addition/Subtraction.
I would also recommend rewriting the problem as Donovan did so then you can just work with the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) one at a time, and then reduce when you get 20/56 to get a final answer of 5/14.