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Jack N.

asked • 11/15/15

Hi. Please help me with the following mathematical equations.

1) A flying doctor plane flies from its base (B), in a direction of 072degreesT for 80km to reach an outback station (S). From there, the flying doctor travels in a direction 162degreesT for 160km to reach a hospital (H).

a) Draw a labelled diagram showing the different positions of B, S and H and their earnings and all known distances (If you can) :).

b) How far is the hospital from the base?

c) What is the true bearing from the hospital to the base?

Thanks so much!!

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Nina K. answered • 11/15/15

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Jack N.

Unfortunately i couldn't see it. Could you help me with the written work? Thanks. I was also wondering if you could help me with two other questions if you have the time. 
1) Solve the following equations using inverse operations.

i) 3x-7=7+x

ii) 3[(6x-2)/4 (Separate)+ 1 ] = 33

2) A cylindrical (cylinder) water tank of diameter 2.2m and height of 3m is full of water. The water flows out of the base into a rectangular prism 7m long and 3m wide.

a) Find the volume of the water in the cylindrical water tank in:
i) cubic metres
ii) litres 

b) Let the height of the rectangular prism be hm. Find the volume of the rectangular prism (box) in terms of h. Do this by writing the formula for the volume of a rectangular prism and substituting in the two known values and h.

c) What would the minimum height (h, to the nearest cm) of the rectangular prism have to be if it is to hold all the water. 

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it


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