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how do i put a davision sign to get my answer

i need to know how to put n/8=-24 in to the computer


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Are you talking about using an excel spreadsheet to perform the calculation?

If so, you would use the same symbol you used here which is the slash "/". 

But for the problem you're asking about (n/8=-24) you would be looking to solve for the unknown variable n, so you would need to isolate this variable to one side of the equation (i.e., n= ). To solve for n here, you would actually have to multiply both sides of the equation by 8 to get rid of the 8 in the denominator on the left side of the equation , thus solving for the variable n.

      n/8 = -24    ==>    (8) * (n/8) = -24 * (8)    ==>    n = (-24)*(8) = -192

So if you're trying to use an excel spreadsheet to do this calculation, you would click on a cell and type "=-24*8" then press enter and it will automatically perform the calculation for you. If you need to divide, you would use the "/" symbol (e.g., type in "=-24/8" then press enter). 

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I just tried to put the division sign into the computer and my answer would be to hold down the ALT key and press the "/" sign. That should give you the division sign you're looking for.

Hope this helps.