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how to round numbers to the nearest one thousand

exenple: round 76,902 to nearest one-thousand.


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             round     round
             down      up
                  ←  |→          76,902
   76,000     76,500               77,000   

Number 76,902 is closer to 77,000 therefore 76,902 ≈ 77,000
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Hi Camilla,
When rounding numbers you need to understand that every number has a place. Each number in 76,902 has a place:
       7                         6,                  9                   0             2
Ten Thousands      Thousands     Hundreds          Tens       Ones
Rounding to the nearest one-thousand means that we are rounding up to the thousands place which in the example is to the number 6 in 76,902.
The number in the hundreds place (9) is greater than 5, which means we need to round up. Therefore 76,902 rounded up to the nearest one-thousand will be: 77,000
Hope you find this helpful!
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You want to round 76,902 to the nearest thousands place. The thousands place in your number is shown by the underlined digit

This digit in the thousands place is 6. Now to begin rounding, we need to look at the digit one place to the right of  6 which is 9. (9 ins in the hundreds place)
Since 9 is greater than or equal to 5, we round our original number 6 up by 1, making it 7. At the same time we change all the remaining digits to the right of this 7 to zeros.
so 76,902 becomes 77,000
So, 76,902 rounded to the thousands place is 77,000.