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Number line and Interval Notation

Solve. Present your solution on a number line and interval notation
(1) -2x+51<9-8x
(2) x-3 ≤ -5 or 6x>-6
(3) -4x+13≤9 or 6-5x ≥21
(4) 7x-1 ≥13 or 4x +5 ≥-7
(5) -8x<-24

This are the answer that i got from solving ,But I dont know how to put it on a number line and and interval notation
Help me present it on a number line and interval ,It has been solved already .
1) 6x < -42 => x < -7
2) x ≤ -2 or x > -1
3) 4x ≥ 4 => x ≥ 1 or 5x ≤ -15 => x ≤ -3
4) 7x ≥ 14 => x ≥ 2 or 4x ≥-12 => x ≥ -3 Answer: x ≥ -3 (Attn)
5) x > 3

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Ok, good job. X is less than -7 is correct. On a number line you have the negative numbers, zero, then the positive numbers to the right. Right? So to plot x<-7 we need an open circle on negative seven. This is because x cannot be equal to negative seven, it has to be less. So x could be -7.0001 but not -7. We show everything up to but not including -7 by an open circle. So, once you have the open circle at -7 darken everything below that (to the left on the number line. Test a few points to be sure you got it right. Is -9 less than -7? Yes, it should be darkened. Is 3 less than -7? No, it should not be darkened
Number : this time x is less than or equal to -2. Since x can be negative 2 this time we need a filled in circle at -2. Darken everything less, or to the left of -2. x can also be greater than but not equal to -1. Open circle here. This time darken everything above (to the right on the number line) -1. I hoPE this helps! You can finish without me!