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Im looking for some algebra help. The information from school doesnt really stick in my head. It would be really nice if someone could help me understand algebra better

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Stuart R. | Math Tutor - Online and In Home -20 Years ExperienceMath Tutor - Online and In Home -20 Year...

I have been tutoring students in algebra for over 20 years.


Mathematics can be intimidating to students who MUST take the classes but see no practical benefit to their future plans and goals.

Teaching mathematic subjects should be brought to a level that shows the student how it will be an important part of their future career, regardless of career choice. “If you cannot explain it to the student in terms that he/she understands, then you don’t have the knowledge or skills to be tutoring.”

Every student is unique and learns in a different way. Listening to the student, his/her anxieties about the subject and frustration with understanding what they are doing is the key element.

Mathematic subjects are no harder to learn than any other subject. The student needs the information told to him/her in terms that relate to their experiences. Once they see the correlation, the “light” will come on and the learning becomes easier and faster. Sometimes it takes numerous attempts from the tutor to find the appropriate level needed for the student to grasp the concept.

There are no dumb students. Just instructors who cannot relate to the student in a manner that allows the “light” to come on. That is why tutoring, one-on-one is such a great tool.

My greatest satisfaction is taking the student to the point of understanding how the subject relates to their experience and future career choices.

Tutor students in mathematic subjects of pre-algebra, algebra, algebra II, trigonometry and geometry. Tutoring computer skills, languages, how to use internet, search engines, general use of email word processing, blogs and social networking (Twitter, Face book, etc.).