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algrebra need to understand

how do i get the full understanding of algerba

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Joe W. | Learning for a lifetime of success!Learning for a lifetime of success!

Finding ways to use algebra in everyday situations is sometimes really helpful as well.

For example, word problems often make people cringe, until they dig deeper and think them through.

Many of those are designed to mimic or even copy real life scenarios, this could help provide motivation on helping to understand and learn algebra. 

Putting the pencil to paper seems to be a strategy that can't be avoided. Most (my hand raised) people need to burn through some lead to get to a good understanding, and  showing your work by the steps is really mandatory because you can see where you went wrong, or had the eureka moment!

Amy R. | Love to Learn and TeachLove to Learn and Teach

There are many ways to get the understanding of algebra.  You could take a class on it.  You could get an excellent tutor here on this website that could help you understand it. There are also books that could help you too.  

Everyone learns differently. I guess you just need to figure out the style of learning you have and use that in order to learn algebra and anything else you would like to learn about.  For example, I am a visual learner, which means that I learn by seeing it done.